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Cost and Financial Aid

Finance Your Online Education on Your Terms

We know you’ll feel good about your investment in a degree from the University of Montana and want to help you explore all of your options for paying for your education. Our affordable costs paired with financial aid and payment options makes online learning feasible. To learn more about financial aid complete the form on this page, or call (406) 206-6699.

Financial Aid

We recommend you fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as you can. Explore financial aid options available to you, including grants, scholarships, and loans. At UM, we offer deferred payment and third-party billing options. To learn more about financial aid, call (406) 206-6699.

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You may qualify for federal assistance in the form of grants or loans. The FAFSA number for the University of Montana is 002536.


Third-party scholarships provide financial assistance to many UM Online students. Apply to any scholarship opportunities for which you qualify.

Online Degree Benefits for Students and Employers

1. Reduced Turnover.

If employees have the opportunity to challenge themselves at their current organization, they won’t need to leave to grow professionally and personally.

2. New responsibility preparation.

Instead of hiring outside the organization, employers can fill skills gaps with current employees who wish to further their education.

3. Flexible schedules.

Online programs allow students to manage their time to succeed in the workplace while pursuing a degree.

4. Applicable skills.

Many of the new skills you learn can begin before graduation, employees in online programs can begin applying what they’re learning to their work immediately.

Costs Calculator

Are you looking to estimate your total out-of-pocket cost, including instructional costs, fees, and financial aid? Our cost calculator can help.*

At the University of Montana, we’re committed to offering an affordable, accessible, and high-quality online degree program. We also believe in transparency, avoiding hidden costs and fees whenever possible.

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*The Cost Calculator is based on programmatic information and student-generated inputs. All financial calculations should be taken as potential estimations and not actuals. To get a more accurate sense of total cost, please consult with an enrollment team member.