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Online AA/AS Degree Curriculum

Curriculum Details


The Associate of Arts and Associate of Science curriculum is designed to tailor your education to your needs. No matter your background, the AA/AS program offers an affordable foundation for success. We help transfer and military students apply previous education experiences to their future endeavors. You’ll be encouraged to take electives in your areas of interest, expand your knowledge to be competitive in the field, and be prepared to succeed in a bachelor’s degree program.

General Required

Intro to the scientific study of behavior in humans and other animals. Credit not allowed for both PSY 100S. Gen Ed Attributes: Social Sciences Course (S) 
A survey of anthropology which introduces the fundamental concepts, methods and perspectives of the field. The description and analysis of human culture, its growth and change. The nature and functions of social institutions. Gen Ed Attributes: Historical Studies, Cultural Intl Diversity (X)
Contemporary exploration of the organization and complexity of living organisms and the systems in which they live. The central question of biology- relationship between form and function, acquisition and use of energy, and continuity between generations will be addressed through lectures and laboratory investigations. Credit not allowed toward a major in biology. Credit not allowed for both BIOB 101N and BIOB 160N. Gen Ed Attributes: Natural Science Lab Course (N) 
Prereq, WRIT 095 or proof of appropriate SAT/ACT essay, English/Writing, writing section scores, appropriate MUSWA scores, or proof of passing scores on Writing Placement Exam. Expository prose and research paper; emphasis on structure argument, development of ideas, clarity, style, and diction. Students expected to write without major faults in grammar or usage. Grading A-F, or NC. Gen Ed Attribute: Writing Course Introductory. 
An introduction to the persuasive nature of visual symbols as texts. Readings will include historical to contemporary rhetorical criticisms on advertising, billboards, bodies, cartoons, memorials, and photography. Gen Ed attribute: Lit & Artistic Studies, Democracy and Citizenship (Y) 
Prereq. WRIT 101 (or higher)or equivalent. Exploration of ethical issues in the field of computing. Skills needed to identify and analyze various ethical concerns. Standard ethical concepts and theories, methods of ethical analysis. Strong emphasis on practical application of the ethical process. Gen ed attribute: Ethical & Human Values course, writing course-intermediate.  
Preparation, presentation, and criticism of speeches. Emphasis on development of public speaking techniques through constructive criticism. Credit not allowed for both COM 11A and COM 160a. Gen Ed attribute: Expressive Arts Course (A) 
Pre-req. M090 with grade of C- or better, or M095, or ALEKS placement>=3 or M01 Maplesoft arithmetic score> 16, or ACT score of 22, or SAT score of 520. Systems of linear equations and matrix algebra. Intro to probability with emphasis on models and probabilistic reasoning. Examples of applications of the material in many fields. 
Prereq. M115 preferred, or M121, M132, M140, M151, M162, M171, or ALEKS placement>=4, or M02-Maplesoft Algebra Score>+12. Intro to major ideas of statistical inference. Emphasis is on statistical reasoning and uses statistics. Gen Ed Attribute: Math Competency Course 
An intro to the basic principles of physics, chemistry, and nuclear reactions with emphasis on the scientific method and process. Topics include scientific process; motion; work and energy; heat and tempature; and waves (sound and light); atomic structure; the periodic table of elements; chemical bonding and nomenclature; chemical formulas and equations; and solutions. Knowledge of basic algebraic functions, decimals, and scientific notation is recommended. Suitable for students with little science background. Gen Ed Attributes: Natural Sciences Course (N) 

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