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Online AA/AS Degree Careers

Pursue Your Dreams with a Strong Foundation

Gain Universal Skills

Kickstart Your Education

  • Continue to a Bachelor’s Degree. With Missoula College’s integrated transfer process, you can apply your associate credits to a University of Montana bachelor’s program.
  • A Multitude of Career Options. Our degrees give you the sought-after, college-level skills employers value.

What Makes Us Unique?

No matter your experience, the AA/AS program provides a foundation for success. Optimized for transfer students and U.S. military students, the program accepts up to 30 hours of transfer credits.

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Program Outcomes

  • Gain the skills you need and transfer credits to a baccalaureate program with Missoula‚Äôs integrated process
  • Make yourself more competitive in the job market for higher earning potential
  • Demonstrate college-level academic, critical thinking and intercultural skills
  • Become an informed, ethical and engaged citizen of local and global communities
  • Become acquainted with issues facing contemporary society
  • Develop an understanding of science and technology
  • Cultivate an appreciation of the humanities
  • Examine the history of different American and global cultures

In-Demand Universal Career Skills


Critical Thinking


Intercultural Awareness



Jumpstart Your Career with a Flexible Degree

An associate degree is an affordable way to lay the foundation for your further study and your future career. Your AA/AS degree can make you more competitive in the job market and help you demonstrate the college-level academic, critical thinking, and intercultural skills that employers and bachelor’s degree programs want.

University of Montana’s Missoula College Career Services

Academic Advising

Our academic advising center is ready to help you make the right choices so that your associate degree fits your career and educational goals.

Handshake Job Board

Find career opportunities and connect with employers looking for college students and new grads through Handshake.

Student Jobs

We help pair you with experiential learning activities so you can pursue your passions while still earning your degree.

Continued Education

Our outreach department works with you to explore additional training and development opportunities that help you reach your professional goals.

What You’ll Learn

  • Theorize about what problems and issues clients and communities are dealing with
  • Develop and analyze policy with a social justice lens
  • Become a research practitioner and start to develop evidence-based practices
  • Fight against racism and oppression

Skills Acquired

  • Critical and analytical skills
  • Clinical and micro skills
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Community and organizational macro skills